"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

Maya Angelou


Hi, I'm Breena - writer, explorer, do good-er. Here you'll find a hodgepodge of thoughts, experiences, and other writing experiments I'm working through. This is a space where these mushy things come to life and I'm excited, scared, but most of all, eager to connect with others through writing and storytelling. 

With a background in journalism and marketing, I've spent years applying my creative skills within the context of business. And now I'm looking forward to creating just a little more space for unfiltered creative writing.

Lately, I've found such a wonderful energy that comes from practicing mindfulness, self-love and generally creating a bit more room for joy. The majority of my writing is focused on my personal struggles with general anxiety disorder, PMDD and how mindfulness and community have helped me not only provide myself with a bit more grace - but to also enjoy life more fully.

I believe that everyone has a unique and beautiful story to tell, and that my life's purpose is to help those around me share their stories with the world.  But my first step in building my life around this is to first be able to tell my own stories.... and this space is dedicated to that mission. Yowza! 

Curious about what else I do?  

When I'm not writing about life's mysteries and my little emotional nuggets, I'm also running my own business, co-hosting a podcast and connecting people in San Francisco. I am the founder of ink content studio, a creative content house focused on helping businesses and individuals create their story. I'm also the creator of a SF based social group called Mend the Gap, which brings together the tech and nonprofit communities in SF for a kind, productive dialogue around how to work together to improve our city. You can also find me on the well, good. podcast, which explores the balance between doing well and doing good. 


I'm grateful you've stopped by and hope you enjoy!

With love,